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Valak malware steals corporate data using Microsoft Exchange servers

Cyberreason Nocturnus experts said that the Valak bootloader discovered in 2019 now exploits vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange servers. It has become a full-fledged info-staler and attacks comp [...]

Experts confirm data leak of 26 million LiveJournal users

In mid-May 2020, in the Telegram channel of the head of DeviceLock company Ashot Hovhannisyan appeared information on data leak of 33.7 million LiveJournal users. Now, experts have confirmed a data [...]

Hackers use Discord as a tool for stealing passwords

The Bleeping Computer magazine warns that the new version of the AnarchyGrabber Trojan steals passwords and tokens, disables 2FAs and distributes the malware to the victim’s friends. Moreover, at [...]