Де б ви не були,
ми завжді готові допомогти з проблемами вашого ПК

Added utility for decrypting data after REvil attacks

The Romanian company Bitdefender has published a universal utility for decrypting data affected by REvil (Sodinokibi) ransomware attacks. The tool works for any data encrypted before July 13, 2021. [...]

Anonymous hacktivists attacked the Epik hoster with the right-wing radical sites

Anonymous hacktivists attacked into the database of the domain registrar and hoster Epik, which was previously often criticized for hosting right-wing sites including 8chan, Gab, Parler and The Don [...]

SpookJS Attack Allows to Bypass Site Isolation In Google Chrome

A group of scientists from universities in Australia, Israel and the United States have presented a side-channel attack that allows recovering data from Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers pr [...]